By Nick Whiting 16 Nov, 2017


Take a look at the benefits of using traditional marketing.

Good For Local Audience

  • The traditional marketing is great for reaching your local audience. For instance, the radio ad will be played in one location, in your city or region. The mailbox flyers will be sent to various households in a specific area. This will help you reach the local audience without any trouble.

Easy to Understand

  • Another advantage of using traditional method is that it is easily understandable by most of the people. The reason is that they are already used to this type of marketing technique.
Keeping the Materials
  • Your target audience can save the hard copy of the ad or material. This will allow them to read it or go through it afterward.


Here are the drawbacks of using traditional marketing.


  • The use of traditional marketing techniques like flyers, newspaper or posters can be costly. It is expensive to get posters and ads printed. For distributing flyers, you will need to hire people. Thus, it will increase the expense.
Less Interaction
  • Another downside of using digital marketing is that there is less communication between the company and the customers. The traditional marketing methods will provide customers information about your business. There is no guarantee that they will shop at the brand or not.



There are many advantages of using digital marketing, few of them are:

Reach Wider Range of Audience

  • One of the benefits of using digital marketing is that your company can reach both local and international audience. The digital marketing allows you to have a specific campaign related to the demographics. This will make your campaign more efficient and effective.
Communication With The Audience
  • Through digital marketing, you can interact with your customers and get their feedback. Thanks to the social media, you can encourage your customers to take action or follow. Your customers can know more about you and your products.
  • Another benefit of using digital marketing is that it is cost-efficient. You will have to invest in digital ads, but it is still cheaper than the traditional method.


Digital marketing if done right can be advantageous for your company. Though there are few disadvantages of using digital market.


  • In the globalized world, digital marketing has become a norm. Every business is incorporating it into their marketing strategy. This makes it difficult for you to make your brand known. It requires you to invest more time and effort in digital marketing to stand out from the rest.

In the end, it will be better for you to incorporate a multi-channel approach. This will help you in having the benefits of paper with the accessibility of a digital. It will result in increasing your performance and help take the lead over your competitors. 

By Nick Whiting 24 Sep, 2017

The companies need to remember they can influence their image through Social Media. All the companies must take advantage of the digital marketing strategy to create new customers and improve brand loyalty. In this write-up, we have focused on the importance of digital marketing.

Take a look why digital marketing is important for companies.

The digital marketing provides equal opportunities for both marketers and consumers. Some of the digital marketing forms include:

  • Websites
  • Digital advertisement
  • Social media


The digital marketing is important as it rapidly growing and is believed to be the future of marketing. It seems that the traditional marketing forms will be soon replaced by the digital marketing. The digital way of marketing is versatile, fast and practical. This is the reason when this technology was introduced, everyone started to move into the digital age. Moreover, digital marketing will provide you a custom strategy that will give a boost to your digital channels. This helps your business in dominating the industry.  


Another reason for choosing digital marketing is that it is environmental friendly than other methods of traditional marketing. You will not have to consume any materials that damage the environment. This creates a good image in front of your customers, they will regard you sustainable company. Nowadays, the digital footprint is vital rather than physical footprint.


The digital marketing is a better option as it is reasonable than the traditional methods. The social media or email campaign can reach a wider range of audience. The cost will only a fraction of the cost of print or TV ad.


With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to keep a track of the results of your digital marketing. For instance, you have used email marketing. You can view the response rate of your customers. You can even measure the marketing success that will allow you to plan your next move efficiently.


The use of social media is often underestimated. Most of the companies ignore the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They help in the growth of your company as it can develop trust and credibility. Through social media, you can drive more traffic to your website. This is the best and easy way to keep your customers informed about the new promotions and discounts. It is important to update the information frequently and avoid giving information all at once.

Therefore, we all are living in a digital age and it is important to have a digital marketing. The companies that fail to incorporate it into their strategy are risking it all. They will be left behind sooner than they believe. 

Do you think digital marketing is important? 

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By Nick Whiting 16 Aug, 2017
But what, many wonder, can you do to get the most out of social media marketing? Are there, they wonder, any guidelines you can follow? Well, wonder no more! Because here I'm providing you with three tried and tested keys that you can use to open the doors to its riches.

In order to successfully use social media marketing, perhaps the most important quality required is to be social. (The clue is in the name.) Don't ignore the people who reach out to you. It's rude. Make sure that no one goes unanswered. These people are the ones who are most like to be willing to share your posts and discuss your product with their audiences, so the least you can do is acknowledge them when they make contact.
These interactions also help you connect with your fans on a more personal level, enabling you to forge more powerful relationships, adding value to your bottom line by building brand loyalty. They are also mines for information which you really need, information that can help you better understand what your consumer base wants, and inform your future posts.

Your social media world is your garden. You have to tend to it regularly if you want it to flower. Many pages lose followers due to inactivity. So make sure that you post and update your followers on a consistent basis. But don't bombard your followers with too many posts either! Too much water will ruin the crop too. And the only pages that lose more followers than those that post too little are those that post too much. So what you're aiming for is consistency: churning out quality posts at decent time intervals.
Consistency also applies to the nature of your posts. When you look at your posts holistically, they should be serving a single purpose: carving your brand's distinctive identity. This way you may not attract everyone, but you will attract the ones with whom you have a real affinity. And it is better to have a few powerful links rather than many weak ones.

Don't shy away from sharing behind-the-scenes details with your fans and followers. Share pictures of your employees enjoying their work, or, if you don't have employees, share pictures of yourself in your daily routine. This is a great way to connect with your fan base on another, more private level. Not only that, but if you personalize your promotional material in this way, your followers are far more likely to interact with it. Otherwise, with the amount of promotional material web users are exposed to, they tend to skip past it.

So, in short, be interactive, keep the nature and timing of your posts consistent, and give your followers the personal touch, and this amounts to "Open Sesame" in the world of social media marketing.
By Nick Whiting 10 Jul, 2017

It is undeniable: the power of social media in our world is revolutionary. Yet social media hasn't been in our world for very long, and we are still discovering what strategies work most effectively in virtual reality. Here are three ironclad principles that will help generate traffic for your social media page every time you make a new post:


  • The human brain is said to be made up of two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left processes rational, logical information, such as in mathematics, and the right processes emotional information, such as in music and images. If your post doesn't come with a visual, it simply fails to engage the right side of the human brain! And it doesn't matter how great your content is if you can't attract your audience's attention. The visual could be a photograph, a video, a GIF, or other graphically designed work, such as an ad. However, GIFs and videos work better due to the simple fact that moving images are more eye-catching than stationary ones. I can think of only one social media platform - Instagram - where users have no option but to post with visuals. In others, like Facebook and twitter, this doesn't apply. Therefore this is probably the most important principle to abide by. Besides, a clever GIF or a memorable video conveys personality, conveys individuality, and tells your audience exactly what makes you stand apart from the crowd. Social media is a purely visual medium: maximize the influence you can wield over your audience's eyes!


  • The reason that most people have made the split-second decision to like or follow your page is because they care about, or are at least somehow invested in the topic that your page addresses. When you post material there that is irrelevant to that topic, you leave these people feeling scammed. After all, that's not what they signed up for. And it is not a good idea to alienate your grassroots. You can and will lose followers for this. So every time you post something, double-check to see that it is congruous with your page. This will also help prevent you from posting too much, which is a major cause behind the loss of 'likes' and followers.


  • Timing is everything. The time you choose to post something has a huge bearing on how many people will view it. Of course there is no universally ideal time to post your content. But you can figure out this time as it applies to your potential viewers in various ways, such as via the insights tab on Facebook. Once you know what the optimal time is, you'll know when to launch your next post.


And there you have it: three simple principles on how to not just survive, but thrive on the social media scene. Of course that's not all that there is to it. But these should give you a solid foundation to build on.

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